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We are Shamo. We are in the business of hand-making mills and millstones designed for commercial production and home use.    



Our company is a small family production. To lower the price tag for you, we only incorporate in it the costs of rock quarrying and material procurement and add a modest markup to account for our labor costs.



Products and prices
If you want to stay healthy and good looking, if you want your family to eat natural foods, then revisiting your diet might be a good idea. Trade your usual white bread for one made with whole-grain flour, and your body will thank you for it.


Yes, a store-bought loaf of whole-grain bread costs about one-and-a-half to two times more than a no-frills one. If you want to switch to a healthy diet without the extra blow to your budget, we suggest you go ahead and start making food at home. This will save you money and provide the benefits of delicious and healthy eating day after day. Eating natural, chemical-free foods will allow you to enjoy a whole new quality of life. For home use, we make hand mills with natural rock millstones. 

ручная мельница 1
The cult of healthy eating is gaining momentum. More and more people are joining some gastronomic movement or other – vegetarians, vegans, raw food enthusiasts. Natural foods, such as urbech, nut paste, coarse meal breads and pastries, are also becoming popular. The number of consumers who make their choices in favor of eco-friendly foods is growing every day. In response to this, new eateries and shops keep entering the market at a fast pace. An entire industry is forming.


Making whole-grain flour, urbech, and other milled foods is a profitable business that will never leave you without work, because beauty and health will always stay in fashion.

MKG-80, a ready-to-use mill designed for the commercial production of flour and urbech (without electronics), costs RUB 300,000 .

The MKG-100 standard configuration mill (without options – electronics, etc.) costs RUB 400,000.

The MKG-50 standard configuration mill (without options – electronics, etc.) costs RUB 200,000.

The MKG-30 standard configuration mill (without options – electronics, etc.) costs RUB 60,000. 


DSC_0118 (2)DSC_0112 (2)


The electronics package includes speed control (using a frequency changer), soft motor start, a photoelectric switch (causing an emergency stop of the mill drive motor if the infeed ceases to preserve the millstones from wear), a product temperature switch (for visual monitoring of the product temperature, which is important for raw foodists), and a mill cooling radiator (built-in flow-through water cooling functionality). All of this can be installed as a complete system or piece-by-piece. The pricing of such work is negotiable.



For our mills, we use rock which has been quarried using the traditional method dating back to ancient times and then turned into millstones with the help of advanced tools and our own hands. Buying our mills, you do not have to overpay for the maintenance of a huge production plant. All the work, from start to finish, is accomplished in our small family-run facility.
The pricing policy for our products is transparent and straightforward.
A pair of millstones has an average diameter of 10 cm, a thickness of 5 cm, and a standard-size hole. The price per millstone depends on the diameter of the stone, i. e. it is RUB 10,000 for 10-cm millstones, RUB 20,000 for 20-cm millstones, RUB 80,000 for 80-cm millstones, etc.
A standard heater with an output capacity of 50 kg/hour costs RUB 100,000.00.
If you choose to buy one together with a mill, the price will go down to RUB 80,000.00.





Company history


I, Magomedali, make mills with my own hands. Let me share a few words about myself.

My father’s father, in whose honor I was named, was known in Untsukul as a champion of all trades. He made canes, vases, shoes; he repaired all kinds of utensils. Craftsmen of his caliber are worth their weight in gold. At that time, craftsmanship had to do without the kinds of tools you can find in a modern workshop. But anyone living in the mountains was forced to work and be a maker, no wonder granny Amina would say, “He that doesn’t know how to do all things is a bad housekeeper.”

I grew up playing with my grandfather’s tools, hence my interest in technology and mechanisms. At school, our handicrafts teacher favored me over other students, so after the classes were over, I would always have full access to the school’s workshop. I got together with some other kids from my school, and we would make wooden toys for kindergartens.

In the military, I joined the ShMAS (School for Junior Aviation Professionals) in the Far East where we were trained to repair helocopters. I received vocational training and gained an invaluable hands-on tech experience.

Project ‘Mill’

Where I am now is the result of coincidences and encounters with good people. One such person is Nadezhda, the founder of a real food store named “Some for me too.”


2016-02-09 18-49-49 Кунжутный (коричневый) урбеч 310г - Горный Дагестан - Купить в Владивостоке – Yandex


Getting to know her was an impulse that got me going. It was shoppers visiting Nadezhda’s store who first tried the foods that came off my mills. That way, the demand for urbech began to increase, and news about this product began to spread among more and more people who valued their health and that of their loved ones.

We decided to set up mill production. The mountains have enough rock to keep our millstone business going for a hundred years; what matters most is how you pick and process your rock. This is where the knowledge I got at the aviation school came in handy. Drawings were transformed into matter. Work got underway.


The result


Today, my customers have more than fifty mills working for them. A few dozen more are in the pipeline. Soon, whole-grain flour and urbech will become available in even bigger quantities, to the delight of those who like to watch what they eat.





We plan to build a milling facility similar to those they used to build in the old days, where the millstones were driven via a waterwheel.


002q8ae8.jpg  Мельница на ослиной тяге  image024  xpm21.jpg  Схема водяной мельницы


A little story about how we tried to create a mill in 3D.





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